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Shadowing Excercises















We update the shadowing exercise weekly.


The content is based on the topics used in our conversation classes, usually focusing on the topic for the next session.


The length ranges from about 30 seconds to 1 minute and is generally at an intermediate level.


There are audio recordings available at normal speed and slightly slower speed, so you can choose the one that suits your level for practice.


Additionally, feedback service is available. Please attach the best audio recording of the week to the Sunny Side Japanese email and send it to us. We will provide feedback at a later date.


*This feedback service is available once a week. You can submit any exercise for feedback.


About this Shadowing Exercise


How to Shadow Successfully

  1. Listen to the audio without looking at the script and understand about 80% of the content.

  2. Listen to the audio while looking at the script and look up any words you don't know.

  3. Listen to the audio while looking at the script and shadowing. You try to follow immediately after the audio, neither too slow nor too fast. You aim to mimic the pronunciation exactly as in the audio. You identify any difficult pronunciations and practice them repeatedly.

    (It may be difficult at first, but with repeated practice, it becomes easier. If it's too challenging, there are slower versions of the audio available, so I try those.)

  4. Shadow without looking at the script. You aim to perfectly match the speed, pronunciation, and rhythm of the audio. Then, You record your own voice.

  5. Finally, You listen to the recorded audio. I identify differences between my voice and the audio, and areas where I struggle, and practice again the next day.

    Repeat this process with the same audio for one week!

    And once a week, please send us the best recording you've done. We'll send feedback.

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