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About Class

Our Class Features

Sunny Side Japanese offers group conversation classes for learning Japanese. We create a friendly environment where you can speak Japanese comfortably. Through group conversations, you can learn more practical Japanese. Our dedicated teachers specialize in conversation, aiming to address your learning challenges and provide support throughout your journey.

Do you have any of the following concerns?

Limited opportunities to speak Japanese.
Difficulty expressing opinions and feelings in Japanese.
Desire to speak natural Japanese.
Feeling nervous when speaking Japanese.

If you resonate with any of the above, we look forward to welcoming you to our class :)

About the class

This is a group conversation class. There are three levels, so please choose the level that suits you. You will have a one-hour conversation in Japanese with a maximum of three students and one teacher. We use our original topics for discussion. After the class, we will email you the new words and expressions you learned in class.

Class Levels


Lower Intermediate

You can fully understand conversations at a slightly slower pace, engage in discussions on everyday topics, and express my feelings effectively.(N4-N3)



I am able to express my opinions on slightly challenging topics, understand conversations at a pace close to natural speed, and grasp the general content of the discussions.(N3-N2)



I can understand conversations at a natural pace and engage in discussions on various topics. (N1-)

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How to Take Classes

01. Book a class

Choose your preferred time, proficiency level, and teacher.

02. Receive the ZOOM link

You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your reservation is complete.

03. Preparation

Check 'TOPICS' for class vocabulary, helping you prep for discussions and

boost your learning while reducing nervousness.

04. Review

After the class, you will receive vocabulary and expressions learned from the teacher.

Reviewing them will surely lead to the next phase of learning.

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